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We are starting this term with performance poetry using a range of different poems. The children will be working   rhyme and intonation as well as performance skills. We will then be looking at  mystery stories both reading them and writing them. Finally we will move to non-fiction and be looking at different information text. We will be linking this to our topic work.


As every we will be using our reading toolkit to help develop reading skills.




The children will also be learning to use the reading toolkit to develop their understanding of different texts that they read.


Good readers:

  • Use their background knowledge and experiences.
  • Ask questions 
  • Breakdown and repair words using phonic and spelling strategies
  • Clarify meaning of words and phrases
  • Make predictions
  • Use inference to find the true meaning
  • Visualise making a picture in their head
  • Summarise by putting together the key parts.