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The topic this term is called:

Yum Yum.

This term it is a Science and History based topic.







The Science focuses on materials. 

The children will:

  • explore systems in the human body including circulation, breathing and digestive systems
  • have an understanding of the human heart
  • learn about nutrients and how they affect our bodies
  • consider the impact of exercise, food and lifestyle and how it affects them



The children will learn about British Kings and Queens

Each week we will focus on a different Monarch including King Richard, William the Conqueror and King John. We will discuss the Magna Carta, The Doomsday Book and the Battle of Hastings.


In Art:

The children will be inspired by Carl Warner and his food art creations. This will link to work in computing and science.


In computing:

Children will be able to explore digital imagery using food clip art.




We will be considering ourselves. The children will all consider their own strengths and areas for development. They will build their own fact-files and this may link to video clips in computing.