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Week of April 27th

The three little pigs



  • Will and Nancy the puppets enjoyed reading the story of 'The three little pigs' together today.
  • They also watched the story on the internet using the link above.



  • The puppets went outside into the garden and found a selection of sticks and flowers. They used them to make a picture of 'the house of sticks'.
  • Could you have a go at making a picture too?




  • After the three little pigs got rid of the big bad wolf, they enjoyed living together in the brick house. However after a while they decided that it was too small for all of them and they decided to build a new house.
  • Could you draw a picture of the big house that all the pigs lived in together?


  • Can you retell the story of the three little pigs to an adult? You could use different voices for the pigs and the wolf.



  • Nancy the puppet challenged Will to play another number game.
  • She gave him a number card and asked him to collect the correct number of sticks to match the number.
  • He was really good at the game so she challenged him to do it as fast as he could.
  • Could you play the game at home?
  • You could play with sticks, flowers, socks, Lego or anything else you can find.



  • The word 'pig' starts with the sound 'p'.
  • Can you say the sound 'p p p pig' like we do when we are at school?
  • Nancy started to make a collection of objects that also start with the sound 'p'.
  • Can you find more things that start with 'p'?
  • Here is a list to help you - plaster, plant, pants, pyjamas, pebble, purple, pink etc.




  • Today you could try and make a picture of one of the three little pigs using a few objects that you may have in your home.



  • You will need - paper, 3 round shapes (small, medium and large) a pink crayon, a black or brown crayon, a pair of scissors and some glue. 
  • Draw around the round shapes and cut them out.
  • Colour the shapes pink (or whatever colour you fancy)
  • Stick the small shape on the top of the medium size shape
  • Stick the medium size shape on top of the large shape 
  • Use the black or brown crayon to draw two eyes, two ears, a mouth, a nose, a tail and some feet.
  • Your pig is finished - well done 



  • There are lots of rainbows in the windows of houses in Whitwell to say thank you to all the people working for the NHS.

  • Can you make a rainbow using small objects in your house or garden?
  • Draw a rainbow and then find a few red objects to put on top of the colour red.
  • We have done this activity at nursery and produced some stunning rainbows - have a go at home.