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Precious Pangolins Home Learning Timetable


The timetable provided includes a mix of reading, spelling, maths and educational games using Education City and the other websites listed in your home learning book. The tasks can be completed in any order and on different days if you wish but please try to complete all activities.


Please use your home learning book for any other activities or pictures you complete at home and would like to share when we get back to school. We will have opportunities to look at each other's work and talk about what we have been doing.


There are links at the bottom of the page to the daily Joe Wicks PE lesson and the Daily phonics lessons listed on the timetable. Please make use of these valuable resources and note that the phonics lessons are live and only available at the times listed.


Remember to have fun!

Bake a cake, build a fort, paint a picture, plant some seeds, play hide and seek, sing and dance to a favourite song, play snakes and ladders! Please take photographs and put them in your book or email them so we can look at them together.


Thank you, take care and see you all soon