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Isabelle could have been a WOW on many occasions but I am glad that it has fallen this week. She represented school for the gala and was a superb part of the winning team!

She shows me that winning attitude frequently in her work as she strives to improve herself - particularly at the moment in her writing. I am pleased to see her writing well across all of her subjects in the curriculum. 

Keep this up - you will be a delightful Y6 soon!


Pixie has been really steady in school over the last term. This shows in her attitude and the huge improvement in her work!

In maths, she has been regularly scoring 17 in her test. This time she has jumped to 23, it could have been 24 if she hadn't missed a question! This is fab news smiley

In reading, she can now tackle anything I ask of her!

In writing, she writes more and has a much better awareness of what she should be including!

Well done Pixie - now keep this up next term!