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Week beginning 8th February 2021


All of our activities this week will be about Chinese New Year


Watch the story of Chinese New Year and how each year is named after a different animal.


Mark making Challenge

Can you make marks or draw one of the animals from the story? You could colour it in too.



Speaking and Listening

Watch the film about getting ready for New Year. What do the children do? What new things happen? What else do you notice? Talk to your grown up about it.


Creative Challenge

Have a go at making a dragon. You can use anything you have at home. It could be boxes, fabric, paint  or anything at all! It can be big or small.


Physical Challenge

Can you do a dragon dance? Here is one to watch and then you could copy what the dragon does.


Maths Challenge

Can you make marks to show 1, 2 and 3? Here are the Chinese numbers that you could copy.



Creative Challenge

Make a decoration for Chinese New Year. They are usually red and gold but you can use any colours you like. You could make something that hangs or that you could put on the wall.



Phonics Challenge

Find things that start with the c sound. You could look around your house or if you go for a walk.




Physical and Speaking and listening

Can you listen to the Chinese dragon song and join in with the actions?


Have a lovely half term week