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Half term activities

Half term may feel very similar to most days but try to remember this is your holiday time and no work will be set for you to complete. Although please keep reading as this is so important for you all. You can also use Education City or other online resources as much as you like during this time.


With this in mind, I have created a list of activities to try out and things to make at home. I have included some pictures underneath for extra ideas.



Make cards or pictures and post them to friends or relatives that

you haven't seen, these will really brighten their day.

Make a model using packaging or reclaimed materials.

Make a picture using leaves, twigs, flowers or other items found on a  walk or in the garden.

Create an obstacle course or use water toys as the weather is getting warmer.

Make cakes, fruit salad or pizza. Learn a new food preparation skill like peeling potatoes, cutting up salad or vegetables for a meal or decorating biscuits. 

Find some stones in your garden or on a walk and paint them. If you don't have paint you can always make patterns, letters or numbers with water and them watch them dry in the sun.

Make a butterfly feeding station using a paper plate. You can hang this up or put it somewhere safe for them to land (picture below).

Use chalk to make picture or patterns on the ground.

Do some gardening. You can plant flowers in pots or the garden or even some vegetable seeds.

Make a kite out of paper and string. You could always use old packaging for this. Test it out on a windy day!

            Complete one of the activities shown in the pictures below!