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Week beginning 27th April

Don't forget to use the Read Write Inc lessons every day.


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Y1- BBC bitesize maths lesson- ordinal numbers

FS2- IXL subtraction to 10, subtract with pictures (the link is below)

Y1- BBC bitesize maths lesson

FS2- IXL subtraction to 10, subtraction sentences

Y1- Education city- 2, 5 and 10 times tables songs

FS2- IXL subtraction to10, subtract

Y1- BBC bitesize maths lesson

FS2- IXL subtraction to 10, making a number using subtraction

Y1- BBC bitesize maths lesson

FS2-IXL subtraction to 10, complete subtraction sentences

All- spellings, read new spellings and write, don't forget to look for special friends All- Look at the BBC information about acrostic poems

Y1- Spelling- handwriting practise

FS2- Rhyming words- summer rhyming worksheet

All- write an acrostic poem for one of the seasons- you can draw a picture or border around your poem. Send me a picture of you and your poem to share. If you want to write another poem for your name or any other subject it would be lovely to see them All- ask a grown up to test you on your spellings

Y1- Follow the lesson -What do we know about the weather?

FS2- keep a weather diary for the week- us symbols to record each day

All- Choose a Cosmic Yoga video to follow All- Deciduous and Evergreen tree information and task All- play a turn-taking game. You could play a card game, board game or something simple like 'I spy'

All- choose a Supermovers video to follow

All- Design a mascot for the Olympics. See the information below!