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In Maths, we use Power Maths in Year 5 and 6.


The Year 5 children will go to Mr Stirling for Maths and the Year 6 children will remain with me for Maths. 


This term, the Year 5 children will work on Geometry - properties of shapes and position and direction and they will also revisit decimals. This term the Year 6 children will work on Geometry - with a focus on angles in triangles, quadrilaterals, polygons and circles. They will also do further revision in the run up to the SATs test in week 5 of this term.


We will work on Times table Olympics in school each week. It is essential that your child has quick recall of these tables facts, as they underpin so much of the work that we do in Maths. The children will be able to log onto Times Table Rockstars and practise at home. There is a link below.


Guardians of Mathematica is a fun Maths website where children can work on all areas of Maths. Click on the picture above to visit the site.