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Tuesday - On a Tuesday Maths or English homework needs to be handed in when children arrive at school. The new homework will be given out that day where possible or the following day when it is not.


Wednesday - On Wednesday children need to hand in their reading diary when they arrive at school. Reading homework is to read twice a week to someone at home.


Friday - On Friday children need to hand in their spelling book. They will then take a test on the week's spellings in the back and get new spellings to be learnt glued in the front.


Rewards - Every piece of homework that is completed will receive 10 Wellians. Each extra reading over the mandatory twice a week will be awarded with an extra 1 Wellian. Homework that is not completed will result in a 5 Wellian fine. If homework is handed in the following day the fine will be returned.


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to pop into school to see me.