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Week of June 29th

Under the sea

  • This week the children at sea will be learning about what lives under the sea.
  • Below are some of the activities we will be doing, for you to try at home.



  • Watch some of the following video of 'under the sea' on the internet.
  • Talk about what you can see. Can you see the turtle, coral, water, the different fish?
  • Can you use describing words to talk about the different fish and plants under the sea?
  • Discuss how some of the animals under the sea blow bubbles. Explore 'bubble painting' using watery paint, washing up liquid and straws.




  • Look at the pattern produced by the scales on a fish. Cut out a large fish from paper or cardboard. Use a variety of different materials to cut out scales and stick on the fish.



  • Cut out a selection of 'shell shapes' and write the numbers to 10 on them. Can the children use a 'bingo dabber', pencil or crayon to put the correct number of spots on the shells?
  • Design a special 'under the sea' creature on paper or make a model. Which colours will you use? How many fins will it have? Will it be a fish or will you use your imagination and make something unique?