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Our PE days are Monday and Thursday    (Information about PE kit is at the bottom of this page) 



This will be outdoor ORIENTEERING 

OAA (outdoor adventurous activities) allows pupils to develop problem solving skills through a range of challenges. Pupils work independently, as a pair and in a small group to plan, explore, solve, reflect and improve on strategies. Pupils learn what makes a good team and explore key skills such as inclusion and trust. Pupils begin to learn to orientate a map, identify key symbols and draw and follow routes.



This will be indoor ATHLETICS

In this unit, pupils will develop basic running, jumping and throwing techniques. They are set challenges for distance and time that involve using different styles and combinations of running, jumping and throwing. As in all athletic activities, pupils think about how to achieve their greatest possible speed, distance or accuracy and learn how to persevere to achieve their personal best. Pupils are also given opportunities to measure, time and record scores.




PE Kit

PE kit consists of plain white T-shirt, shorts or leggings/joggers (black or blue), black trainers and a black or blue jumper or cardigan (could be the school jumper). When we do indoor PE the children will need shorts under their trousers or ready to change into. (See detail in letter from Headteacher).


Health and Safety

Hair longer than shoulder length should be tied up and earrings need to be removed (if possible/ favorable option) If not children must tape their own ears with their own tape. Children are to have the responsibility for doing this themselves. Children can help each other. If not they do not take part in physical lesson but instead help within the lesson in another role.