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Week 10

Hi Turtles, I hope you are all well, Just a few reminders:


- The class blog is available fro you to use at any time you want. You can blog about anything you want, comment on others blogs and create your own avatar. There has been lots of activity on there recently and the children in school are getting to blog too, so it might be a good place to catch up with those you haven't seen for a while.


- I loved getting lots of pictures when school first shut, this seems to have died down now. It would be great to get some more again. Or you could post them yourself on the blog for everyone to see and comment on!


- Mrs Bowley has found a fantastic FREE website with loads and loads and loads and loads of book and comics to read. You don't have to log in, sign up or anything! Feel free to explore it and enjoy the books and comics that are on there. When you do visit, if you click on the info button on a book it tells you what age range it is aimed at, this will help you select book that are appropriate for you. 









9.20 – 9.40

Shared Reading


The children in school voted for ‘Part of the Party’ to be this week’s story. Please read the PowerPoint.



Reading – myON


This is a link to a website with thousands of books that you can read for free without any sign up.

Use the search function at the top of the page to search for the todays book.


It is called ‘Introducing Australia’

It’s a non-fiction book all about Australia.



Complete the comprehension ‘Booster’

Reading – myON


Use the link as before.


Search for today’s book ‘The day mom finally snapped’

It’s a funny story about kids who drive their mum mad!

Reading - Oxford Owl


Use the myON link to look for today’s book

‘The Big Problem (and the squirrel who eventually solved it)’


TIP: just search ‘The Big Problem’ and it will come up.



    1. - 10.30

Persuade the Mayor

In today’s story Karri writes a letter to persuade the Mayor to change the disco. Imagine you are Karri. Write the letter to the Mayor explaining why the disco should be changed. I have included some templates (with varying support) to use if you want them or you could just do it straight into your book.



Look through the PowerPoint for this week’s spellings



Do this week’s spellings word search.

At the bottom of the page.



Think about our story for this week. Design a poster that invites EVERYONE to a family disco. Think carefully about the information you need to include like the time, place and games you might play.



Imagine you have been to the party. What was it like? Who was there? Who won the games? Was it loud? Colourful? Busy? Write a description of what the party was like. Remember to use adjectives to make your writing interesting.


Complete the Look Cover Right check sheet for this week’s spellings


Recipe for a Special Family

Look though today’s PowerPoint which explains about different types of families.

Then complete the task it sets of creating a recipe for a special family. There are templates (with varying support) if you want to use them. Decorate your recipe, make it colourful, maybe give it a border. You could even type it up onto the blog for other to see.


Do a Spellings test


Describing Karri

The main character in this week’s story is Karri. Think about what she is like and the things that she does in the story. Write a description of her and her actions. There are some templates to help with word choices and points to write about. You don’t have to use these though.

10.30 – 11.00




11.00 – 12.15

Column Subtraction No Exchanging


Complete the question on today’s sheet. Remember to always start with the ones column

You don’t have to print this you could write out each question like you would do at school.

Column Subtraction with Exchanging


Complete the question on today’s sheet. Remember if you can’t take the bottom ones from the top ones, you need to exchange a ten.

You don’t have to print this you could write out each question like you would do at school.


Column Subtraction Word Problems


Complete the question on today’s sheet. Some questions you will need to exchange; some you won’t so be careful!

Remember you don’t have to print this.

Part of the Party Reasoning Cards

A mixture of maths problems using the characters from this week’s story. We normally cut one out, stick it in and then answer at the side. Cards with one star are easiest, cards with three stars the trickiest. Complete as many as you feel like.

Education City


Play on some or all of the games:

Dungeon Run

Snakes on the Brain

Temple Crusade

Fluffy Clouds

12.15 – 1.15


Afternoon Sessions


1.15 - 2.00


Break 2.00 – 2.15


2.15 - 3.15

Geography – All about Australia


Look through the PowerPoint giving information about Australia.

Create a fact file using the information you have just learnt. You could use one of the templates if you have a printer or you could create your own layout (like we will be in school). Don’t forget to make it colourful and interesting to look at. Use bubble writing and borders!

Art – Wassily Kandinsky


This week we are going to recreate work of the artist Wassily Kandinsky. I have put together a PowerPoint showing some of his work for you to study. Notice that the colours are very bright and there is a mixture of straight lines and lines that are more free hand. The shapes overlap, the colours change and in some you can almost make out a face or other human features.

Have fun setting out your Kandinsky inspired work, use a ruler to give straight lines, a cup or bowl for circles. The best thing with his work is that pretty much anything goes!!



 PE – Foot Golf


In school we will be playing foot golf. We are using footballs and hoops to play golf on the field. At home you could set up thing to hit or knock over with a ball, try setting up obstacles that you need to get the ball over, under or through or just have a kick about. Failing that just be active in your own way, play on a bike, scooter or whatever you feel like.

Geography – Amazing Australian Animals


Read about some of Australia’s animals on the PowerPoint.

Decide on the one that you like to most and then create a fact file about it. Include a picture, facts and don’t forget to make it look good by using bubble writing, borders and colour!


Sorting Australian Animals


Think back to what you learnt about Australian animals yesterday. Sort the animals into different groups according to what they eat, what they look like, what animal group they fall into (mammal, reptile etc).

There are some templates to help you think about how to sort them. IF you can’t print you could draw out your group and then write the names or draw pictures of the animals in each group.