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Week of May 18th



This week all the activities will be about numbers.



  • For this number game you will need
    • some paper or card with numbers written on them.
    • you can choose to use all the numbers up to 10 or just a few of them
    • some clothes pegs


  • Ask a grown up to say one of the numbers
  • Can you attach the right number of pegs to the card?




  • This activity is about 'number order' and 'missing numbers'.
  • You will need some numbers written on paper or card.
  • Ask a grown up to give you a selection of cards - it does not need to be all the numbers from 1 to 10.
  • Spread the cards on the floor.
  • Can you put the cards in the correct order from the smallest to the biggest?



  • Can you repeat the activity with different numbers?
  • How fast can you do it?


  • Ask a grown up to put a selection of the numbers in a line but this time miss one of the numbers out.
  • Can you read the numbers together?
  • Can you work out which number is missing and then find it to finish off the line?





  • This game is about counting up to 10 objects .
  • You will need to look around your house or garden and get up to 10 objects of your choice.




  • Put the objects on the floor or the grass.
  • Ask a grown up to say a number between 1 and 10.
  • Can you count the right number of objects and put them together in a line or a pile?
  • Ask a grown up to check the number you collected.
  • Did you get it right?
  • Repeat the game with another number and see how fast you can do it.



  • This game involves recognising numbers and counting bricks.
  • You will need some Lego, Duplo or wooden bricks and some number cards.
  • If you work with a grown up can you
    • select different number cards and build towers to match the numbers?
    • put the towers in order from the smallest to the largest?



  • You could use all the numbers from 1 to 10 or some of them.