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Half Term

Some activities for half term

  • Have a pirate day - bury some treasure  and make a map then challenge your family to find it.
  • Have a day being a superhero -  design an outfit and an vehicle to travel in.
  • Make paper aeroplanes and challenge your family to a competition
  • Make a board game for the family to play
  • Draw a picture showing the seasons
  • Make a funfair for ants. Everything in minature
  • Make a musical instrument, You could have a family band.
  • Why not try Imagination Adventure Live, where children in the class will go on a dramatic adventure online that begins with the opening of the treasure trunk. "Act, Move, Create, and Play… Where will your imagination take you today?" is the motto of this interactive class for kids who are bound to be missing the imaginative play that they used to do in school.
  • Mini Garden Olympics or Football Tournament

    As there are going no be no Olympics or European championships this year why jot create your own? Pick a country to represent, dress up in their colours, create your own competition numbers and start your competition!

    You could try one of the below events

  1. Garden Sprint
  2. Garden distance run
  3. Sack race
  4. Triple Jump
  5. Long Jump
  6. Discus – try using a frisbee!