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Y6 01-02-21









Live Lesson 9.30am

All Artemis

All Angel Falls

All Zeus

Planning the explanation about Dams






Log into Purple Mash ready for the lesson – use of shared work space – we will show you how.

Gather ideas of what to include.


Education City – go to classwork activities.

These will take all week for you to do linked to explanations – passive sentences and editing work.

We can see when you go on and how many tries that you have had. This will be monitored.

Education City Activities


Rainforest Report

Learn Screen


Activity Sheet


The Cave of Verbs

Learn Screen


In Tense Adventure Activity


Adventure Holiday Activity


Novel Approach Adventure


Sequenced work 01-02-21 – 05-02-21



Assessment Writing - Explanation Texts


This will need to be completed over a double page of your book (at least). Or you could do this on Microsoft Powerpoint – if you log in through Microsoft 365 you can share directly to us or use 2Write on Purple Mash and add images into your work.


  • You need to include information about:
  • What a dam is and how it works
  • Where major dams can be found
  • All the information you found in your research
  • Pictures
  • Captions
  • Diagrams


Also, you need to use all the features of Y5/6 writing you have been taught.


Headings/subheadings/bullet points/questions/modal verbs/passive sentences/complex sentences

Live Lesson 9.30am

All Artemis

All Angel Falls

All Zeus



Catch up



Complex sentences.

Start with a 3 word sentence. Eg.

The dog barked.


Add a noun phrase and a conjunction. Eg.

The big, black dog barked because the postman came.


Then add a clause with a relative pronoun. Dashes, brackets or a pair of commas.


The big, black dog (who was called Barney) barked because the postman came.


Try to write 5 sets of sentences please.





New Spellings –handwriting of each word three times.


Word families based on common words

Write each spelling word into a sentence.

Spelling twinkl activity- wordsearch activity link to open

Look , Cover, Say, Write, Check activity

Spelling Test – you need a helper to call them out in a random order and then to mark them.


Times tables rock stars – at least 10 games (5 must be garage)


White Rose Resources

Order Fractions, decimals and percentage



Complete the worksheet – you do not need to print, you can do it in your book.

Live Lesson 11am

All Y6 – Mrs Anderson

Times tables rock stars – at least 10 games (5 must be garage)


White Rose Resources

Percentage of an amount (1)




Times tables rock stars – at least 10 games (5 must be garage)


White Rose Resources

Percentage of an amount (2)


Live Lesson 11am

All Y6 – Mrs Tomlinson

Times tables rock stars – at least 10 games (5 must be studio)


White Rose Resources

Percentages – missing values

Times tables rock stars – at least 10 games (5 must be garage)


Twinkl Arithmetic Test 4



Come back to mark at 2.15pm


Geography/ Science/ PSHE

Reading comprehension

Book One p2 – explanation text

An Interview with Nixie Labs


PE – Skipping Challenge

If you can find a skipping rope and challenge yourself to see how many skips you can achieve in a minute. If you trip, you can restart or just carry on. Mrs Plaister has set this as a personal challenge.

Live Lesson 1.30pm

Y6 -  All Mrs Anderson

Y5 – All Mr Moore

RE – Share the work from last week about features of different places of worship. Look at the pictures that I have shared.

Choose three of the features of places of worship that we have talked about and write a sentence for each to explain what it is.

Explain how the features that you have chosen help people to worship.


How much of a solid can dissolve in a liquid? What would you estimate? Is it the same for each solid?

For this lesson you will need a small amount of water (50ml) in a clear container and some salt or sugar and a spoon to do the experiment.


 When no more solid can be dissolved into a liquid, the solution is said to be ‘saturated’.


Compare both salt and sugar, working with no more than 50 ml water and solids to begin with.


Add a level spoon full at a time and stir until it dissolves, keep adding a spoon at a time and stirring. Keep going until you start to see small amounts of salt or sugar in the bottom of your container. How many spoonfuls could be dissolved in 50ml of water?



How will you know when the solution is saturated? What will you see? What will the solution feel like? Do you think that more or less of the solid would dissolve if the water were hotter? Why?


When you have completed the experiment, use the assignment in TEAMs to share your findings with your teacher.

PSHE – Make a Museum of Memories on a page or a piece of A4 paper.


Think about the things you would like to remember about your time at Whitwell
Primary School.

What have you achieved, been involved in, who have you met.

Share things you have done and celebrate learning and successes. This could be from nursery to Y5/6!


Live Lesson Y6 only 2.15pm

Y6 – Mrs Tomlinson



Live Lesson 2.30pm

All Artemis

All Angel Falls

All Zeus


Catch up time with Class Novel

PE –

  • Go for a walk
  • Go for cycle ride
  • Play football in the garden
  • Make a little circuit of fitness like we do on the playground –steps, star jumps, lunges, running on the spot, the plank, sit-ups.