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Our Topic Question This Term Is


In Science this term we will be learning about materials. We will be learning the names of some common materials as well as finding out how we can describe and compare them. We will learn lots of new vocabulary and use this to describe and compare materials.


In Geography we will be learning about Sherwood Forest and The Amazon Rainforest. We will then compare the two. Thinking about the plants that grow there, the animals that live there and how bid they are. We will use google maps to help us understand the difference in size and also see how far apart they are.


In Computing we are going to be learning about programming and coding. We will be using programmable toys such as Beebots and understanding how to can program them to follow a given path. We will also be trying out a new online resource called Purple Mash where we will be controlling planes to take off and land safety without crashing into each other.


In Design Technology we are going to be studying homes. We will be thinking about the materials that are used to build house and why they have been used. We will then work up to designing our own model house and eventually build it. After building we will evaluate our own and each other models.