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Our Topic question this term is:

When did it happen?


In History we will be learning about The Great Fire of London. We will be learning when it was, how the fire started, why the fire spread so quickly and how they managed to stop it. We will be learning about Samuel Pepys, his diary and why it is so important.


In Computing we will be learning how to log on to a computer, navigate our way to the internet and websites that we will use lots in Year 2 as well as learning how log into these different web sites. Alongside this we will be finding out about how we can communicate digitally. We will be exploring the use of email, setting up a class email hopefully receiving messages from our adults at home. Throughout this term we will discuss the importance of keeping passwords safe and how to stay safe whilst online.


In Science we will be thinking about our bodies. We will be naming body parts, thinking about our senses and which body parts help us with which sense. We will also be talking about the importance of exercise and diet. Understanding the different food groups and what they do for our bodies and what it means to have a balanced diet.


Our Design Technology this term is closely linked to our work in Science. We will be looking at food hygiene, how healthy and balance meals can be prepared and thinking about where food comes from.


Our PSHCE topic is Medication. We will be discussing why we need them, ways in which they can help, learning the four main groups that medicines fall into and will talk about medicine safety. Our work will be a mixture of discussion, role play, games and discussing scenarios.