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Our Topic Question This Term Is

How did they get there?


In Science this term we will be learning about plants. We will learn the names of some common flowering plants as well as learning the names of their major parts. We will discuss plant life cycles, what they need to survive and how plants spread from one place to another. 


In History we will be learning about how transport and travel have changed over time. We will focus on certain modes of travel such as train, cars and planes. With each we will learn about their history and the evolution of the vehicle. 


Our Design Technology links very closely to our History work this term as we are looking at vehicles. We will first learn about different types of vehicles and the features that they have. We will then work our way up to designing, building and finally evaluating our own vehicle.

In Computing we are going to be learning how to create music using computer software. We will experiment using different sound, tempos and styles. We will try to recreate to well know tunes and then create some of our own.