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Mrs Anderson

Please click on the Sun below to access work set for those children working at home. Thank you, Mrs Anderson.


Hello and Welcome to Year 5/6.



Please note the following important information

  • Our class day will start at 9.00am and end at 3.20pm
  • Drop off and pick up for your child will be on the Junior Yard. I will collect the children from here. Please follow social distancing rules. You should also wear a mask.
  • At playtime, we will be on the field each day. Please ensure that your child has a pair of named wellies to keep at school for wet days, as we will be on the field however wet it is.
  • Our PE days are Wednesday and Friday this term - we have 6 weeks of cricket coaching on Wednesdays. On these days your child should COME TO SCHOOL IN THEIR PE KIT AS WE WILL NOT BE ABLE TO USE THE CHANGING ROOMS. PE will be OUTDOORS as much as possible, so please ensure that your child is dressed appropriately.



Reading diaries are collected in on a Monday. Please hear your child read at least once a week and sign their diaires. At this age it is important to ask questions to check the understanding of what has been read as well as reading the words.

Spellings are handed out on a Monday. Your child should write a sentence for each of their words. These are collected in on a Friday.

Maths homework is handed out on a Monday and collected in on a Friday.











Alfie is such a pleasant, polite boy. He has the most wonderful manners when talking to people and is kind to everyone. We have talked in class about how important it is to be nice and Alfie is always nice to people. Well done, Alfie and thank you. 

Zac has been working really hard on his end of year assessments with me this week. He has kept going even when it is hard. He has listened carefully to the instructions and given his best in every test. Super attitude to learning, Zac. Well done.




This year our class is named after a natural wonder of the world. Our class is called Angel Falls. 

 Angel Falls is the world's highest uninterrupted waterfall. Located in Canaima national park in Venezuela, the waterfall tumbles from a cleft near the summit of table top mountain Auyán-tepu into what is known as Devil’s Canyon, 979m below. It is three times as tall as the Eiffel Tower! The falls are a tributary of the Carrao River, itself part of Venezuela’s Orinoco River system. During the rainy season, Angel Falls creates its own weather. Considered among the world’s most dazzling natural wonders, Angel Falls are a truly unforgettable spectacle.

Powerpoint lesson instructions for Carl Warner Art Lesson

Amazing Carl Warner- inspired Food Art.