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Week 1







Look at this week’s spellings (Week 1) Look at the spelling rule read through the PowerPoint. Discuss any words you don’t know the meaning of.



Do this week’s spellings word search.

At the bottom of the page.


Recap this week’s spellings. Choose 5 of them and put them into interesting sentences. Remember to use as many skills as possible. This could be adjectives, conjunctions, question marks, exclamation marks, commas, apostrophes.


Complete the Look Cover Right check sheet for this week’s spellings


Do a spelling test on this week’s spellings.


Pages 4 – 9 in the reading SATs Booklet.


Log in to Oxford Owl using our class log in which can be found on our class page.

Read Key Trouble and then answer the question about the text. These are at the bottom of our class page.

Answer the questions in your red book.


Read The Monkey’s Heart in the middle of the reading SATs booklet. Then answer the questions on pages 29 - 31


Read one of your reading books. Write a summary of the story if it’s a fiction book or write five facts from the book if it is a none fiction book.


Re-read The Monkeys Heart in the middle of the reading SATs Booklet. Complete question on pages 32 and 33.


Page 12 – 15 Maths SATs Booklet



Page 98 – 101 in Maths SATs Booklet


Pages 28 – 31 in Maths SATs Booklet


Pages 80 – 83 in Maths SATs Booklet


Page 38 – 39 in Maths SATs Booklet


Do the correct the mistakes sheet in your pack. You are looking for ?, !, full stops and capital letters that are missing. Do this in your red book.

If you don’t have the sheet find it in the links at the bottom of the page.



Look through the apostrophes PowerPoint at the bottom of the page and then complete the apostrophes task (also at the bottom of the page)


Recap the work you did on apostrophes from yesterday. The look through apostrophes for possession PowerPoint at the bottom of this page.

Complete the mixed apostrophe activity sheet at the bottom of this page. Section 1 is what you learnt yesterday, section 2 is from today’s PowerPoint and the third is a mixture.


Log in to Education City and play on the English games:

Check, Please!

Croaking Contractions

Force Field

These are all games about apostrophes.


Draw pictures showing something belonging to someone and write a sentence for each using an apostrophe to show belonging. You could draw a dog with a collar and write ‘The Dog’s bright red collar’ as your sentence.


Log on to Education City and play the science games:

Grow Up! and Animal Home


Use this link to do the Cosmic Kids Minecraft Yoga on Youtube.

Google Jump Start Jonny and do some the workout videos on his website.

Explore the games section of the CBBC website.