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Isle Of Wight

Finally, the day arrived to set off on residential!


27 happy children and 3 adults all on time ( thank you! ) and so we trundled down the motorway. It started raining about an hour after we left and it was torrential. It didn't stop them playing at the services and sliding on a very wet and fast slide!


They seemed to eat all the way...and we had a final stop for a walk at Southsea before we caught the ferry at 3pm.

It was our first go on the hugest new ferry and the children loved it spotting all the other ships and the hovercraft along the way. It passed very quickly and everyone left the ferry safely...without Mrs Tomlinson...thanks to a lost camera...


Next, we had a quick tour around the Model Village before arriving for Shepherds Pie or Jacket potatoes at the hotel. There wasn't much left!


Everyone had a trip to the beach to play...but it was too late for the sea, so that's still to come.

Bed time was 10.30pm




Tuesday dawned bright and breezy at 6am. We persuaded the children to stay in rooms until about 745 and then everyone enjoyed scrambled eggs or beans on toast with cereals or toast.


At Osborne House we were the first people to be allowed in! Royal treatment...

Swiss Cottage and the museum were popular and the children will have memories from here. Then we spent 30 mins on the private beach enjoying hunting for crabs and wildlife.


We drove to Robin Hill Park and had a picnic lunch on the sunshine. Then the children were free to play, climb, slide, go on the toboggans. We had ice-creams and then went to the 4d cinema before finishing the afternoon on the pirate ship! No-one was sick!!


At the hotel it was sausage or fishfingers and chips. There was practically no food left!


Then the beach. Around 20 children braved the sea with Mrs Tomlinson and Mrs Basford on watch. They loved the cold water and playing in the sand and that was just the adults!!


Back at the hotel and showered. Slightly earlier bedtime at 1015 tonight.




This morning we had to wake every room except for 1 of the girls room. After a lovely breakfast with extra toast we set off on our way to Alum Bay to see the Needles. The coach was quiet...children still sleepy!


The day was grey but the view was clear. We saw banana/caramel splits being made and got to sample them. Then we saw the talented craftsmen making a blue and silver vase and mini souvenir skulls. (A few of you might see one...) We had a picnic outside and saw the Needles and the view.

After lunch we drove to Amazon World. It only rained for about 20 mins while we were on the coach. Luckily it dried up and we saw the reptiles, the parrots and the red pandas. Most children went to sit with the wallabies and went for the Lemur walk. One even sat on Mrs Basford's shoulder!

Then we visited the shop and play area for a good run around.


Vegetable soup, spaghetti bolognaise or jacket potatoes for tea, followed by bread & butter pudding or ice-cream. There wasn't much left tonight!


The rain clouds threatened, however it stayed fine so we played on the beach and again most children went in the sea for a good while. It just started to rain as we walked back up the hill. Now it is 920pm, they are in the shower and getting organised for bed again. Night Night! x




The day it rained!


We had sunny hour from 630am - 730am and then the skies turned grey. After breakfast we headed to Carisbrooke Castle, one of the highest points of the island. We learned about Charles 1st in the museum and enjoyed a damp walk around the top of the castle walls. Everyone seemed a little fed up though so we are grateful it didn't rain all week. We still had our picnic, sitting on bin bags, under a huge tree for shelter.


For the afternoon we were at the Pirate Cove mini golf. The weather did improve slightly to showers instead of downpour and everyone played well in their teams. This was followed by huge ice-creams for most or a hot drink for others. Ironically, the children sat indoors under the canopy and we sat outdoors in the rain so we could see them all!


About 3.30pm it was just drizzling so we did walk along Shanklin Seafront and up the chine to the top. Actually there wasn't too much moaning and groaning about it either!


The prize at the top was the Sweet Shop! Not sure how much will actually make it home though.


Tomato soup, pizza or hotdog and chips for tea followed by rice pudding or ice-cream. Nothing left again - the rain and sea air is working on their appetites so get ready for when they get home!


Another quick rain shower and it was very windy so we walked along through Sandown Village, did a loop back along the beach to the pier and then settled at our usual spot on the beach until 9pm. No sea tonight as too rough, but I think they were all glad that it has finally stopped raining and so everyone played really well.

Back at the hotel and everyone has now packed and had a shower. Mrs B-G and Mrs B are now doing the final rounds.


See you all tomorrow!