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Week 11 22.06.2020







Read through your spellings.


Practise your spellings using look, cover, write, check.

EducationCity – My Homework

Activity 1 – Cheeping Chicks

Activity 2 – Foxes in Boxes

Ask a grown up to test you on your spellings. Write them in your red book.

This week we are looking at adding up and taking away.

Look at Find the totals below.

Let’s add two numbers together at Adding on.


Can you remember about the part-whole model? Exploring subtraction as partitioning.

Look at Exploring subtraction as take away below.

Let’s have a look to see what you can remember from this week.

Click on More or fewer to find out.

Can you decide how you would build a good bridge?

Look at Inventions below.


Listen to the story Maisie and her Mouse and help her to design a cage for her pet.

Look at Story map below.

Let’s see how much of the story you can remember from yesterday.

It’s your turn to be a designer!

Click on Write instructions to look at how to make a home for your teddy.  

Build your house for teddy.

Look at Build a home below.