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Foundation Subjects

Summer 1

What is it like where I live?



As Scientists we will continue our work from last term on animals. This term we will be looking at animal habitats. We will be finding out about different habitat and making comparisons. We will also learn about food chains and make food chains for the habitats that we study. In addition to this we will learn the difference between things that are alive, dead and have never been alive.




As Geographers this term we will be learning how to use a compass. We will learn about compass directions and then use them during an orienteering activity around the school grounds. We will study maps, look at maps of the local area and make our own maps of the school grounds.



Design Technology

In Design Technology we will be learning about mechanisms. We will look at how they work and how they each perform different actions. We will the work our way up to making our own moving picture.




As Computer Scientists we will be continuing our work on coding. We will build on the skills we learnt last term. This time we will be learning to use collision detection, the timer function and starting to introduce controls with the keyboard. Along the way we will continually debug any issues that arise and share our work within the classroom.



Our PSCHE topic this term is called Being Responsible. This topic explores things such as the importance of rules, growing up, understanding other’s needs and learning about the different roles and responsibilities people have.