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Week 8 01.06.2020


Hello my lovely Cheeky Chimps.

Wow what lovely weather we are having at the moment!

I hope you are still keeping well.

Please remember to send me some photos of the fun things and work that you have been doing.




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Read through your spellings.  

Practise your spellings

using look, cover, write, check.

EducationCity - My Homework

Activity 1 - The Three Paths

Ask a grown up to

test you on your spellings.


Look at Sorting 2d shapes below.

Then have another practise at patterns by clicking on

Creating Patterns with Shapes

EducationCity - My Homework

Activity 1 - Pattern Play 1

Activity 2 - Pattern Play 2

Look at Finding 3d Shapes in the Environment below and complete the activity.

Look at Describing 3d Shapes below.

Can you remember any of the names for the shapes?

Let's see if you can remember some of the things you have been learning.

Click on Revision and Practise to find out.

This week we are going to be learning about space. Look at Space below to start your space adventure. Listen to the alien story below Space: To listen to a story.

Look at Space: To commit a story to memory below.

Let's see how much of the story you can remember from yesterday.

Have a go at making up your own alien. I wonder how many eyes and arms it will have.

Space: To describe a character's appearance.

Now that you have created your own alien let's write some words to describe it.

Have a go at writing a sentence with finger spaces and a full stop.

Space: To write a sentence about a character.