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Week beginning (Wed) 07.07.2021

Welcome to Home Learning once again!

Please have a go at the work that I have planned for the rest of this week.

Also I would be grateful if you could put some photos on Tapestry too.

If you have any worries or questions please email me 

Thank you smiley


Please keep safe and well x



Thursday     Friday     
PhonicsHave a go at playing Phonics Pop below. How many balloons can you you pop?

Reading - Read through one of your school reading books.

Ask a grown up to ask you some questions about it.
Test your spelling skills by playing Balloon Phonics below.

This week we have been learning the words long and short and have been comparing items around the classroom to see which is the longest and shortest. 

Can you find 10 things from around your house and put them in size order? Can you explain which is long/longest and short/shortest?

Education City - 

1) Classy Objects

2) Measure Up

Can you measure how tall you are against an object (wall) either inside or outside. 

Ask your brothers or sisters or parents to measure how tall they are too. 

Is anyone the same height as you? Who is the tallest? Who is the shortest?



As part of our topic work we have been learning about the seaside. Click on the link below What I might see at the beach. 

I wonder what your sandcastle will look like. 

Today we are going to write a list of What I need to take to the beach. Click below to listen to the lesson. Do you know what a rock pool is and who might live in one? Click on Animals that live on the beach to find out.