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WOW 11.3.22



Mj has been working so hard and is making us very proud. His writing is coming on a lot and he is working much more independently. Well done Mj!


Evie has been WOWing us all week with her phonics and reading. She is also growing in confidence every day and being brave enough to tell a story to her class. Well done Evie!

WOW 4.3.22


McCaulley has had a great week and is working hard in every lesson. He is trying so hard to get involved and answer questions.


Ellie is always ready to learn in every lesson and tries her best every day. She is such a good role model and a pleasure to have in class.

WOW 21.1.22


Mya has been an absolute superstar in Maths. She has listened well and worked independently and got onto the challenge. Well done Mya!



Skye has been taking part and contributing in our English lessons and has shared some lovely ideas and information. Keep it up Skye!

WOW  26.11.21

Rivers has had an amazing week, he has listened really well to his Geography lessons and was able to show his knowledge in ICT where he labelled the countries of the UK. He has also been working hard on his number formation which is becoming so much better.


Ava has really Wowed Mrs Basford in Maths this week. She has listened well in lessons and has been able to work independently and even get as far as the challenge in her book.

WOW 12.11.21

Ocean has been working hard in class and has also shown what an amazing friend she can be. She is always supportive of the people she works with and give encouragement.




Colton has been working hard in Maths and is now beginning to recognise more numbers and is counting more accurately. He is showing more independence and enthusiasm for his learning.  

WOW  22.10.21


Jack is an amazing role model in our class. He is so sensible and is always ready to listen to his teacher in lessons. He is a kind friend and supportive of his classmates. Keep it up Jack, you're a star!



Liliana has made a great start in Year 1 and always does her best. Her work is always neat and beautifully presented. She listen well and completes her work straight away. Well done!

WOW 1.10.21




Teddy has had a great week. He has done very good listening in Maths and worked hard to do his work. He answers questions fully and shows how well he has listened. He has also been a really helpful partner and friend.




Charlie has been working hard in all his lessons. He is trying very hard to learn and use his phonic knowledge to read words, and he is getting super fast at recognising his numbers. Well done Charlie, we are very proud of you!

WOW 17.9.21


Matilda has had a fantastic start to the year. She is showing how grown up she is and listens well in class. Matilda is fantastic at answering questions and gives lots of information in her answers. Keep up the good work Matilda!




Erin has been a fantastic role model for the rest of the class. She works hard a listens well in every lesson. She is always ready to get on with her work and does her very best every day. Well done Erin!