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Y6 18-01-21









Reading comprehension – do this after lunch!

Y6 Targeted Question

Book 1

p 4 - Holes

Artemis class – you should be able to do really detailed answers!


Today you are going to use all the skills you have learned from Mr Brown at the Oak Academy to present your own balanced argument about school uniform.

The title is:

Should children have to wear uniform to attend school?


Use everything you have learned in the last 3 weeks to help you!


You can complete this on Word and email it to your teacher or go on Purple Mash and click on 2Do, there you will find 2write – open it, click on none collaborative and type your work in. Don’t forget to click on hand in and save your work.

Today your job is to edit and improve your balanced argument from yesterday.


You can then type up your final copy using Microsoft  word on Teams and upload it to us to mark. You click on share and send to our school email addresses.


Live Lesson 10.15

Class Novel

And spelling scores







New Spellings –handwriting of each word three times.

Words with a Long /e/ Sound Spelt ‘ie’ or ‘ei’ after ‘c’ (And Exceptions)

Write each spelling word into a sentence.

Spelling twinkl activity- spelling maze.

Look, Cover, Say, Write, Check activity

Spelling Test – you need a helper to call them out in a random order and then to mark them.


Times tables rock stars – at least 10 games (5 must be garage)


White Rose Resources

Multiply decimals by integers

Complete the worksheet – you do not need to print, you can do it in your book.

Times tables rock stars – at least 10 games (5 must be garage)

Live Lesson 11.00 on Teams Y6 with Mrs Anderson

Y6 – Mrs Anderson

White Rose Resources

Divide decimals by integers

Times tables rock stars – at least 10 games (5 must be garage)


White Rose Resources


Using division to solve problems


Times tables rock stars – at least 10 games (5 must be studio)


White Rose Resources

Decimals as Fractions


Times tables rock stars – at least 10 games (5 must be garage)


Twinkl arithmetic

Test 3

You do not need to print this – just do the questions in your maths book. We will mark it after lunch.

Geography/ Science/ PSHE

Live Lesson 9.30am Choose:

All Artemis

All Zeus

All Angel Falls


Watch the Powerpoint about the ‘life’ of a river. Where is a river ‘born’? Where does it end? What might it see on its journey?

Learn about the upper, middle and lower courses of the river.

Do the River Features activity sheet – complete the three star sheet.

Look at the key vocabulary about rivers.


1. Create a 3D model of a river system. Children could use natural materials, modelling dough or any other medium to make the representation. They might want to make it on Minecraft. Try to include all the key features and label them.

2. Use a river’s life story as the theme for a piece of biographical writing. Imagine that you are the river on your way to the sea. What does it feel like at different points of the river? What do you see along the way? How does it feel when you reach the sea?

Computing– Purple Mash

Make your own adventure story. This is the third video clip on the 2do list.

Log in and choose 2do, then it can be saved and it will automatically come through to us to mark.

Live Lesson 1.30pm

Own classes


All Artemis

All Zeus

All Angel Falls


We are going to show you how to create your own Carl Warner style collage, following on from your mood boards.

Science - Water cycle using Oak Academy. Follow the link below and complete the lesson.


Then make a poster to show how the water cycle works.

You will need these key words (vocabulary):

  • Mountain/hill
  • Sea
  • River
  • Stream
  • Cloud
  • Precipitation
  • Condensation
  • Evaporation


You will also need to use arrows to help with the explanation. Please draw in pencil but then you can colour it in. Send us a photo on email of your completed work.



Imagine the scenario: Felix and Mo have just got a new

little brother. Felix is really happy and is spending lots

of time looking after his little brother. Felix is struggling

when he has to leave his mother and brother because he is worried that something might go wrong and he won’t be there to help. He can’t concentrate at school.

Draw an outline of Felix and fill the inside with the feelings he is experiencing.

Mo is feeling jealous because the baby is getting more

attention than him. He is also expected to help more.

He is behaving badly at home. Draw an outline of Mo and fill the inside with the feelings he is experiencing.


Live Lesson Y6 only 2.15pm

Y6 – Mrs Tomlinson

Mark the arithmetic test 3 from this morning.


Go back and finish the PSHE activity to finish your day!


Bollywood Dancing. Click on the video and copy the dance moves.


Celebrity supply teacher PE with Marcus Rashford




Carl Warner powerpoint