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W.O.W's for the Week Beginning 19th March 2021


I have picked Leighton this week because he has made a really big improvement in his maths.  He has taken responsibility for his own learning and has become extremely good at his times tables due to his hard work and practice.  He has moved up on his times table Olympics twice, in two weeks.  Well done!


I have picked Reece this week because he has show an exceptional maturity and a desire to do his best.  He puts his hand up to answer questions, listens to me when I am teaching and has made massive improvement to his writing and maths. Keep up the hard work.  

Previous W.O.W.s!

Demmi has be, and continues to be an outstanding worker while at school.  She has had a real positive impact on the class bubble and continues to make us smile each and every day.  She is hard working and motivated to work which is fantastic to see.  Keep up the hard work Demmi!  Well done!
I have picked Billy this week because he has been really engaged with home learning this week.  He has sent me loads of work which he has been doing while at home.  It's really amazing to see all the hard work he is putting in and he is really motivational to the other pupils in his class!  You are doing amazingly Billy, keep it up!
I picked Jacob to be W.O.W this week because, since we have been in lockdown, Jacob has been emailing me all the fantastic work he has been doing.  You can see how hard he has been working by looking on the 'Pupils Work' page on my class pages.  H e has continued to work as hard at home as he would be working if he was in school.  Fantastic work Jacob, keep up the hard work!  
I have picked Noah this week because he has joined in with every single teams meet we have, he is always prepared with all of the resources he needs, and he completes all of the activities I have set for him.  If he finds something difficult, he is not afraid to send me an email and ask me how to do it.  He sends me the fantastic work he has been doing too.  You are doing so we Noah, keep it up!

I have picked Alex for a W.O.W. this week because he is exceptionally hard working all of the time.  Even in the subjects in which he feels less confident, he tries his very best and uses a positive attitude to give the work  his best try.  Even when working at home, he worked incredibly hard.  Well done Alex.  

I have picked Hollie for this weeks W.O.W. because has beginning to come out of her shell.  She becoming much more positive about her work and she is really showing a great attitude to learning.  Even when she feels less confident, she has begin to realise that with patience and hard work, confidence will come.  She has impressed all of the members of staff in the class with her quality of work and her mature attitude.  keep up the hard work Hollie! 
Kade has returned to school with a mature attitude to learning.  He has come to school with a smile on his face everyday and has actively and appropriately contributes to all lessons.  He has been a superstar since returning back to school since the holidays.  Keep it up Kade!  
Courtney is an absolute superstar!  She has returned to school with an amazing year 6 attitude.  She listens intently, works hard and tries her very best in all lessons, all of the time!  She has already moved past her previous best on Times Tables Olympics, which is testament to her hard work and effort!  You're amazing Courtney, keep it up!