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Week of June 22nd

The Colour Monster


  • This week the children at school will be doing activities linked to the story 'The Colour Monster' by Anna Llenas

  • The story is about a monster who changes colour depending on how he is feeling.
  • Below is a link to the story being read on the internet
  • Below are some of the activities that we will be doing at school for you to try at home.
  • Discuss which colour the monster becomes when he is happy, sad, afraid, loved, quiet and angry.
  • Can you draw different faces to show somebody that is happy, angry or quiet?
  • Think what the colour monster might be saying on different pages of the story.
  • Can you draw a colour monster? Mrs Draycott drew a blue one. What colour would you like to draw?

  • Use paint to change colours into new colours? What happens when you mix blue and yellow?
  • How does music make you feel? listen to different songs - do they make you happy or sad?
  • Can you collect some objects from your house or garden and sort and count them according to colour?