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Wednesday 5th


An early rise presented a challenge for a few this morning.  However, after watching a sweet maker hand-make some delicious pineapple sweets for us to eat, the early rise seemed worth-while!  The doors then swung open, Willie Wonka style, to reveal a sweetshop full of every sweet imaginable.  The children certainly bought their fill… and then some!


Following that, we watched a talented glass blower create a very impressive pieces of glass art while they gave us an in-depth overview of the whole process.  The children really seemed to enjoy it.  They were mesmerised by the scorching hot bubble of glass being swung and blow into a beautiful vase before their very eyes. 


Before lunch, we visited ‘The Needles’.  As we got closer to the famous landmark however, one child grew concerned over prospect because they were scared of injections… Luckily for them, The Needles are a picturesque row of three stacks of chalk that rise about 30 metres out of the sea, and not an injection given by a seaside doctor.  After a bit of clarification, they were much happy about the prospect.


In the afternoon we toured Carisbrooke Castle and took in some of the local history.  We saw the room where Charles I was imprisoned and read up on the history of the castle.  We toured the castle walls and grounds, and met the donkeys that lived there.  The children really enjoyed it; the glorious sunshine definitely helped with.


We finished the day with games on the sand and a paddle in The English Channel.  Another fantastic day on holiday, speak tomorrow.