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WoW 25.03.2022

Congratulations Wyatt and Izak on getting your WoW awards this week!

Wyatt was chosen for his great phonics, excellent partner work and his enthusiasm to read everything around him to help him with his learning.

Izak was chosen for his writing. He has been putting in extra effort with his letter formation, presentation and remembering and using the tools available to him to help improve his spelling and punctuation.

Well done boys!


Well done this week to Taylor and Alexandru!

This week Alexandru has received his WoW for his fantastic effort in maths. He is working really hard and his understanding is getting better and better.

Taylor has received her WoW for her reading. She is tackling longer texts and always uses her amazing phonic skills to help her decode. She loves finding new vocabulary and explaining it to others.

WoW 21.1.22

Well done this week to Ayla and Lola!


Ayla has received her WoW for her amazing effort and contribution in phonics. She is working really hard to read and blend new sounds. This effort is also making a great impact on her written work and she is able to recognise and write many of the new sounds. Well done!


Lola has received her WoW this week for her fantastic perseverance and improvement in maths. She is developing a much better understanding and is using the apparatus well in order to check her work.

Keep it up Lola! Well done!


Well done this week to Darcy and Oscar!

This week Darcy received her WoW for a great start to Year One! She has shown determination and enthusiasm in everything we have done and always tries to do her best, keep it up Darcy!


Oscar has had a great start in his new class and has a positive attitude towards his work. He has shown that he has a great understanding in English and has done some great English work, showing his Year two writing skills. Well done Oscar!