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Week beginning 1.3.2021


 World Book Day is on Thursday 4th March. Our activities this week will have a witch and wizard theme.


Listen and watch the story of 'Winnie the Witch'



Make marks or draw your own broomstick, hat or magic wand for a witch or wizard.



Listen and watch the story of 'Winnie the Witch'. Talk to a grown up about what happens in the story. What does Winnie do to her pet cat Wilbur? What different colours is he?


Can you use different shapes to make a witches face? Find some circles or triangles at home to do this.



Cosmic yoga Witch and wizard themed yoga. You can do as much or as little as you like.



Find things that are red and blue. What is the biggest thing? What is the smallest? How many things can you find?



Dress up as a witch or wizard for World Book Day!

Snuggle up with your favourite cuddly toys and look at some of your favourite books.



Collect things to make a magic potion. You can gather things from your garden or use things like shampoo, washing up liquid or anything at all!




Make marks or draw a magical pet for a witch or a wizard.