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Week beginning 4th January 2021


Please use the 'Tapestry' app or the 'home learning' book to share evidence of your child's learning, This will mean at the end of the school year we will have a complete record of their achievements.

If you have any questions please contact me at and I will reply as soon as possible during the school week.


Maths challenge  

  • Collect 5 of your toys or teddies to come for a picnic. Sit them in a circle or around a blanket. Can you give them 1 plate each and say the numbers aloud 1,2,3,4,5. Now count out and give each toy or teddy some food from the kitchen (remember to say the numbers as you do).

Literacy challenge

  • Can you draw a picture of one of your toys? You could draw it in your 'home learning' book or on another piece of paper.
  • Can you tell your grown-up all of the different things that you have drawn? They could write down what you said under the picture.



Physical challenge 

  • When you have been sat still for a while it is great to get moving. 

    So find a safe space, you might be in the house or the garden.

    Choose one of the following challenges to try, or create your own with your grown up.

  • How many star jumps can you do?        

        How many times can you catch a ball without dropping it?

        How long can you balance on one leg?

        How many times can you run across the garden before you need a rest?

Reading challenge

  • Pick a favourite story and share it with a grown up.

         Can you name all the characters in the story?




Maths challenge 


  • At school we have been watching 'Numberblocks' on the BBC iplayer. The children are familiar with the characters and we have done activities based on each programme.
  • Below is a link to the programme 'Another one'. 
  • Can you find pairs of objects around the house and count them together - "one and another one makes two"?