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Week beginning 1st February 2021


Reading Challenge

Watch the story Owl Babies following the link

What happens to the owl babies? Who has flown away?



Maths Challenge

Count the owl babies. Can you make marks or draw the three of them on the branch?



Reading Challenge

Watch Owl Babies again

How are they feeling? Where do you think their Mum has gone? How would you feel?


Physical Challenge

Tommy the bedtime turtle on Cosmic yoga



Creative Challenge

Collect things from around your house or garden to make an owl baby. You could use white fabric or cotton wool and something small and round for their eyes.


Maths Challenge

Think about your bedtime routine. What do you do first? Talk to your grown up about what you do before bed. Here are some ideas to help you get started.

Brush your teeth

Have a bath

Have a drink

Put on clothes for bed    


Phonics Challenge

Think of things that start with the sound n. You could look around your house to help you.



Physical and speaking and listening

Go for a walk where you live with your grown up. Talk about the things that you see.

Do you walk past any shops?    Do you pass a church?

What kind of things can you hear?    Can you recognise the sounds you hear?


Creative Challenge

Look at the clothes you wear for bed. Do they have any patterns or pictures? Have a go at making marks or patterns to copy what you can see.