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Congratulations to Charlie and Caitlin for amazing Science this week. We tested out whether Aristotle or Galileo was right about falling objects. We carried out an experiment with film canisters and clay, dropping them and observing what happened. Both girls worked really well in pairs and then produced a great results table in their books. A great start to the year, well done to both of you. laugh





Stanley has joined our class this year. There is so much to learn when you start a new school. He has settled in very quickly and has made friends. He is working hard and making good progress in reading. 

Fraser always gives his best. It is a big change from Year 4 to 5, and Fraser has taken it in his stride. He always listens carefully and gives his best. He is mature and hard-working. What a great start to Year 5. 




Zac has really developed a Year 6 attitude to his work. He is listening and working hard and making good contributions in class discussions. He has also found an author that he really enjoys reading - Michael Morpurgo and I have enjoyed listening to him read in class.

Sophie has been working hard to improve her times tables and we have started to see the real impact that this has. She has also written some amazing pieces in English when we studied playscripts. Her work is beautifully presented and a joy to read. 





We have been looking at writing great starts and ends to stories. Kyan and Charlie have both worked really hard this week and have produced super written work. They wrote endings that had such emotion. They also both included all of the elements of Year 6 writing that we had been working on. They had great vocabulary and punctuation. A big well done to you both!!



I have been really impressed with Alexis' mature attitude in class. She listens well and works hard. She has a great sense of humour and has really settled well into the class. I know that she will continue to work hard and will do well in Year 5. 




Aaliyah has been working really hard to improve her Maths. She has become more confident as is able to work independently. She has improved her skills in mental calculations as well. Well done!

Bradley has worked hard to improve his reading this year. He has made great progress and is now happy to read more difficult texts. He has found how enjoyable reading can be. He is reading a great book at the moment. Great work.

Connor has been working really hard in class and listening carefully. He has been able to give great contributions to class discussions. He is happy to work independently and has made huge progress in reading since September. He has also been very helpful at lunch time clearing tables. Super work, Connor.



Ella is new to school. She has now been with us for a few weeks. I have been so impressed with the way she has settled. It's like she's always been in our school. She listens well and gives brilliant answers on the carpet. She has great subject knowledge and is always hard working. She is happy and friendly. What a great addition to our class. Well done, Ella.

Zac has really grown up in the last few weeks. He is more able to work independently and wants to give it a go before asking for help. He has made huge improvements in the size and neatness of his writing. He has been working hard to finish the book level that he is on and move on. What a fabulous attitude, Zac. I am very proud of you. 





Mia lacked confidence at the start of the year and needed to believe in her own ability more. She has made great progress in reading and is happy to work independently. She has grown in confidence and now can use a louder voice when talking to adults and the class.


Gracie-Mae works really hard all the time. She is a quiet and sensible member of the class. She is very mature. Her work is always of a high standard. She has lovely handwriting. I am sure that she will earn her pen licence soon. Great work, Gracie-Mae. 




Connie is a wonderful member of the class. She is always polite and hard-working. She listens well and joins in with discussions. She is very good at writing and shows a lot of the Year 6 skills that we have been working on. She is getting more confident in Maths and got a really good score in our last arithmetic test.

Stanley is a good role model for the other children in the class. He is able to give good contributions to class discussions and enjoys learning new things. He works well in English and is thinking about what he should include in his writing. He used hyphens well in his adventure story. He also did very well in his recent arithmetic test.

Well done to both of you. laugh




Grace is a lovely girl and a great member of the class. She is quiet and hard-working. She is ready to be a Year 6 in September. She listens carefully in class discussions and gives great answers. She is also very caring. She raises money for charity outside of school. What a great role model.

Oscar has been working hard and listening carefully. He has matured a lot over the last few months and is a great Year 6. He has worked really hard in the run up to the SATs. He is very helpful and will often collect in books and equipment without being asked. 

Well done!!