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Week 4







Look at this week’s spellings (Week 3) Look at the spelling rule read through the PowerPoint. Discuss any words you don’t know the meaning of.



Do this week’s spellings word search.

At the bottom of the page.


Recap this week’s spellings. Choose 5 of them and put them into interesting sentences. Remember to use as many skills as possible. This could be adjectives, conjunctions, question marks, exclamation marks, commas, apostrophes.


Complete the Look Cover Right check sheet for this week’s spellings


Do a spelling test on this week’s spellings.



Log on to Oxford Owl and read ‘Minibeast Poems’.




Read the poem ‘The Owl and the Pussy Cat’ at the bottom of the page and then answer the questions about the text.



Pages 20 – 24 of the reading SATs booklet.



Log in to Oxford Owl.

Read ‘Space Poems’



Log in to Oxford Owl.

Read ‘Castle Poems’


Pages 26 and 27 Maths SATs Booklet



Pages 92 and 93 in Maths SATs Booklet


Play ‘Hit the button’ online. Simply google it and then follow the instructions.

Have a go at the times table part as well as number bonds.


Play ‘Daily ten’ online (Google it). See if you can beat your score each time and get faster!


Play ‘Tommy’s Trek’ (Google it). Make sure you read the instructions on how to play so you know what he controls are.


Read through the Acrostic Poem PowerPoint at the bottom of the page. Decide on a theme for you own Acrostic poem and make some notes to help when you come to write your poem. Like on page 6 of the PowerPoint.  


Using your ideas from yesterday start to write your acrostic poem. Remember each letter of your word starts a new line. Don’t worry about making mistakes or being too neat this will be your first draft.


Finish your poem from yesterday. Read it through and improve it where you can. Can you make better word choices?


Write your poem up neatly, give it a fancy border, some pictures maybe write the first letter of each line in bubble writing and give it colour.




We are the Talented Turtles. Why not research them different types of Sea Turtles and create a poster or leaflet about one or all of the them. This could be an ongoing project that you keep coming back to.


This week you read a book of space poems on Oxford Owl. My favourite poem in the book is Spaceship Race. I like all of the different spaceship designs. Why not design your own spaceship? Or take inspiration from one of the other poems in the book. 

Use this link to do Cosmic Kids Yoga on Youtube.



Login in to Education City and play some of the science games that are available.


Keep practising tying those shoe laces we have some people have already learnt how to do it and sent a video that I have put in our pictures section.