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Tuesday 4th


The children rose mostly bright and somewhat breezy – some regretting attempting to pull an ‘all nighter’.  We settled in the dining room for a hearty breakfast, full of anticipation for the day to come.  We started our day’s adventures with a visit to Queen Victoria’s holiday home at Osborne house, where we took in the history and mingled with the grandmothers on the other coach tours.


After taking in a light, outdoor lunch and playing in the playground, we boarded the coach for a short trip to ‘Amazon World’.  A certain child was concerned that a trip around an ‘Amazon Distribution Centre’ might not be the most exciting experience.  Luckily ‘Amazon World’ turned out to be Amazon World Zoo with all sorts of exciting and exotic animals.  The children were able to view animals from all four corners of the world, including: capybaras and wallabies.  Just as all good tourists do, we took plenty of pictures of all the sights.


Tea was much anticipated after all of the activities, and there was very little left at the end.  With full tummies, we headed the sea front and took a walk up the pier.  The children loved the rides and the lights.   We are about to sit down to an evening drink and biscuit and - looking at some of these tired faces - a good night sleep.


We can’t wait for the next adventure.