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Each week there will be three pieces of homework: Maths, Reading and Spellings. You have a whole week to complete each piece of homework. 



Each week you will get some Maths homework. Where possible it will be related to what we are covering in class. Your Maths homework will be given out in a folder which you can hand in as soon as you have completed it. Maths Homework runs from Wednesday to Wednesday.

Completing this homework will earn you 10 Wellians.



Reading homework is to read twice a week at home. This could be to an adult, older brother or sister, cousin, Grandma or Grandad. Just remember to get them to fill in your diary to show they listened to you reading. Completing this homework will earn you 10 Wellians. If you decide to read at home more often you will earn and extra Wellian for each time you read over the first three. 

Reading homework runs from Thursday to Thursday. 



Each week you will be given 10 Year 2 spellings to learn along with a word search to complete. . In class we will explore the weeks spellings, look at the spelling rule and which parts are tricky. 

Spelling homework runs from Friday to Friday when we will also do a spelling test.

Completing this homework will earn you 10 Wellians. You will also get 1 Wellian for each correct spelling in the test! That's 20 Wellians a week Just for spellings!