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As Scientists this term we will be studying the five most common animal groups. We will learn the names, look at the structure of the animals in each group and also sort animals into the correct group. In addition to this we will look at what animals, including humans, eat and look at how we can group animals based on their diet.





As Geographers this term we will be looking at the world as a whole. We will learn how the world is split into 7 continents and 5 oceans. We will study atlases to compare the continents, thinking about size, proximity to the equator and other geographical features like mountains. We will link our work in Science on animals to our geography, looking at where in the world we would expect to find certain animals.




As Artists this term we will be studying the work of Kendra Haste, who is a contemporary sculptor specializing in sculptures of wild animals. We will learn different sculpture techniques and work with a variety of materials, building up to making our own piece inspired by Kendra's work.





As Computer Scientist we will be starting to look at coding. In this unit we will be working with code blocks to create a set of instructions. We learn how to debug code that doesn’t give us an expected outcome and also create programs with multiple objects acting in different ways.