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Week beginning 18th January 2021

Welcome to Week 3!

Please look at the activities and don't forget to send me some evidence that you are having a go at some of them.

I love to see your photographs.

If you have any questions or you send an email this week could you please send it to 

Thank you!


Reading Challenge

Can you watch the video of the story The Little Red Hen at:

Can you talk to a grown up and tell them what happened in the story?

Who as being lazy? Was anyone being helpful and kind?



Maths Challenge

Fruit and vegetables come in lots of different colours. Can you think of a fruit or a vegetable for every colour of the rainbow?




Reading Challenge

Can you listen to The Little Red Hen story again from yesterday?



Drawing Challenge

Can you draw a picture of one of the characters from the story? 

Will you choose a hen or a pig or another animal?  I would love to see your drawing.


Physical Challenge

Can you join in with one of Jump Start Jonny's videos. He is very fast...can you keep up? 



Maths Challenge

Can you make a colourful collage? You could use bits of old material, paper, cardboard or even natural materials such as petals and leaves to make a lovely picture.


Kindness Challenge

Being kind can mean doing some thing nice for someone else. Talk about wha being kind means with a grown-up. What can you do to be kind today?


Listening Challenge

Play this game with a grown-up.

Can you say where you would hear the sounds? Are they in the kitchen? Are they in the park?


Stand outside and listen very carefully. What can you hear?



Phonics Challenge

Can you find something in your house beginning with the 'm' sound?

What can you find?