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Easter Holidays

Easter Activities

Hard boil some eggs and decorate them with felt-tips – choose your own theme.

Find an item in your house for every letter of the alphabet . Draw them or make a list.


Play throw and catch in the garden. Can you count to 100 without dropping the ball being 2m apart?

Download & colour in the Easter Egg colouring sheets.


Bake some fairy cakes or make rice crispy buns.


Start a nature diary – look out daily, make a note of birds & flowers you can see and how they change.

Design and make an obstacle course. Can you time how long it takes you all to complete it?

Get Sketching – find a photo or a picture and try to re-create it with a pencil.

Junk modelling – can you build something creative from boxes and yogurt parts before you recycle them?

Draw a map of your street and the local area. Think what you could add onto it that you see every day.

Choose a room in the house & make a list of all electrical items you can find. Can you think of ways to save electricity?

Make your own bookmark – a monster, a unicorn, a Star wars character etc

Make up a dance routine to your favourite song and then teach it to someone else.

Search for and follow instructions to make ‘Easter Bunny’ Origami (paper folding)


Write a poem based on Easter – it could be a shape poem or an acrostic with the word down the side.

Design and make a parachute to protect a hard boiled egg.


Draw or paint a butterfly with exotic colours.


Make your own board game.


Learn to count to 20 in French, Spanish & German.



Have fun & take photographs each day to record your Easter break!


How many of these can you cross off and try?