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Our Topic Question this term is: Do all trees lose their leaves?


As Scientists we will be learning the names of the four seasons that make up the year. We will be observing some of the changes that happen in each season, commenting on weather and how plants change. We will also learn about the difference between evergreen and deciduous trees. In Science we will undertake an investigation in to temperature, taking temperature readings at different points of the day and comparing them. 




As Geographers we will be studying the UK. We will learn the name of the four countries that make up the United Kingdom and explore some of their well know landmarks.  We will use maps and atlases to compare their size and location within the UK as well as looking at the seas and oceans that surround the United Kingdom.




    As Artists we will be learning to work with a range of different media. We will be using pastels, paints and charcoal to create artwork of famous landmarks from across the UK. These pieces will then be displayed together with other work form children across the Key Stage.




As Computer Specialists we will be using a range of resources to research the countries that make up the UK and the landmarks within them. We will be exploring a range of website and informative PowerPoints to find out about how each country in the UK is different. We will also be exploring Google maps to virtually visit some of the famous landmarks we will be create artwork on and learning about in Geography.



In PSHE we will be thinking about what makes a good friend. We will explore issues like: how our behaviour effects others, identifying who in our lives are special to us and learning how to listen to other and work cooperatively.


    SMSC topics that we will be covering this term will include: Bonfire Night and the story of Guy Fawkes, Remembrance day and taking part in a whole school art project, Children in Need, Anti Bullying Week and looking at the celebration of Diwali.




As well as all of this will will also be working very hard to put together a Christmas concert! Where we will be learning some new songs, actions and lines ready to perform close to the end of the term.


If you would like to know more about what we will be learning in our topic please click on the links below to see our knowledge organisers.