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Y6 Summer 2 Week 2 08-06-20

Home learning for Y6 - have fun!









All About Garden Birds Comprehension – you should choose the 2 stars or the three star sheet to read and complete

Twinkl Fairy Tales sheets for consideration – Red Riding Hood

Twinkl Fairy Tales sheets for consideration - Goldilocks

Plan and write your own fairy story based upon a classic:

Eg Red Riding Hood

The Three Little Pigs


Sleeping Beauty

The Three Billy Goats Gruff

Jack and the Beanstalk.


Challenge: Can you modernise the story to 2020?



Letts Orange Spag Book P46

Synonyms = same

Antonyms = opposite

Letts Orange Spag Book P47

Synonyms = same

Antonyms = opposite




Follow the Powerpoint and practise the words then handwrite the 10 new words in your red book 5 x each

Synonyms and Antonyms

Spelling twinkl activity- Using synonyms for said sheet

Look, cover, say, write check and write some spelling sentences using brackets and dashes

Spelling twinkl activity- Wordsearch

Spelling Test – you need a helper to call them out in a random order and then to mark them. Do in your red book


Introducing scale factor

Use the Scale Factor Powerpoint

Consider all the activities on the powerpoint and how you can answer the questions

Enlargement activity sheet Do the  1 star sheet

Use the Scale Factor Powerpoint

Do the  2 star sheet or the 3 star if you fancy a real challenge

Use the Scale Factor Powerpoint

Enlargement activity sheet

Mastery Scale factor Powerpoint

Activity sheet diving

Mastery Scale factor Powerpoint

Activity sheet deeper and deepest


Powerpoint Evacuation – full sheet

Consider the points of view by using the ‘hat’ system.

Write out the answers to each set of questions giving your views.



Read the Rationing Powerpoint and make your own food plan of what you would typically eat in a week – it doesn’t need to be exact.


Compare your meals to what was available in the war.


Weigh out the ingredients if you can so you can see how little food each person received.

Make some menus for what you could have eaten easily in World War Two. (Think of the garden)


Make your own Ration Book.



Mammals  - Follow the Powerpoint about the lifecycles of mammals. Choose one of the activity sheets – platypus, rabbit or Kangaroo and make your own life wheel. Choose 2 stars so add the information you need. If you want a challenge you can choose 3 stars to completely personalise the wheel.  Can’t wait to see pictures of these!