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Half term activities

  • Can you make a rock creature? Look for a pebble or stone and then paint it to look like a minibeast or an animal. Or paint a picture on your pebble or stone (pictures below).
  • Find an object that begins with each letter of the alphabet in your house.
  • Keep a diary of your day.
  • Plant something outside or help take care of the garden.
  • Draw a map of your garden, put some treasure (eg. a small box with a few treats) somewhere in your garden and mark it on your map. Invite your family to find the treasure.
  • Set up an obstacle course in your garden.
  • Make a sponge sailboat (picture below).
  • Create a paper plate rainbow fish (picture below).
  • Have a colour scavenger hunt. Find something of each colour of the rainbow in your home or garden.
  • Make a paper plate butterfly (picture below).
  • Design your perfect garden.
  • Make your own board game.
  • Draw a picture using different lines and colours (picture below).
  • Make your own musical instrument (examples at the bottom).
  • Make a model of a theme park from paper (picture below).
  • Try one of these drawing ideas.  Make a drawing using only two colours, draw three different kinds of flowers or draw a tree in each different season.
  • Bake using one of the recipes on the website with help from an adult.
  • Draw a summer scene in a pair of sunglasses (picture below).
  • Write some instructions on how you have made something. It could be instructions for food that you have made or an art project that you have done.
  • Set up personal sports challenges at home. How many times can you throw and catch a ball in a minute? How many times can you catch a ball with one hand in a minute? How many laps of your garden can you run in a minute? How many star jumps can you do in 20 seconds?