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Wow 14.05.21

Well done this week to Harry and Freddie!


Freddie has received his WoW for his growing confidence in his ability and his great progress in reading and writing. Freddie will happily give everything a go and try his best to include all new learning in his English work. Well done Freddie!


Harry has received his WoW for his amazing writing and his great understanding of each new aspect of his learning. he asks great questions and always wants to challenge himself. Well done Harry!

WoW 30.4.21

Well done this week to Delilah and Joshua!


Delilah is always such a hard worker and has a fantastic attitude to learning. You have your Wow because of your amazing English work. Amazing presentation and a great understanding.


Joshua has been working his socks off to improve his English work. He has got beautiful presentation and amazing spelling, punctuation and content. keep it up Joshua!

WoW 01.04.21

Well done this week to Lilia and Gracey!


Lilia received her WoW this week for her continued effort and hard work with her English. Her presentation is beautiful and she tries her best to add interesting vocabulary and remember the punctuation she needs. Well done Lilia!


Gracey received her WoW for her amazing push at working independently and showing us what she can do! In both maths and English she has tried hard to follow instructions and work incredibly hard to be independent. Well done Gracey!

WoW 19.3.21

Well done to Renesmay and Franky!


This week Renesmay has received a WoW for a fantastic attitude upon starting school again. She has been trying her best with her writing and spelling and she has shown confidence and enthusiasm. Great work Renesmay!


Franky has received a WoW this week for his amazing English work. He has improved his spelling, punctuation and presentation with hard work and continued enthusiasm for learning. Great work Franky!

WoW 4.12.20


Well done this week to Lucy and Danny


This week I have given a Wow to Danny for his great effort in becoming independent and his amazing reading and spelling.


Lucy has WoW this week because she is always trying hard to improve. She has put tremendous effort in with her writing and is now working more independently in maths.




Well done to Faith and Bobby!


This week I have chosen Bobby for his fantastic attitude to learning and always trying his best to improve upon what he has done. A lovely smile to greet us all with each morning too! Well done Bobby!


This week I have chosen Faith for her amazing English work. She is trying so hard to have beautiful presentation, excellent spelling and to use all of her lovely creative ideas. She should be proud of what she can do. Well done Faith!