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Holly has been a wonderful person to have in my class this year!

Before half term she produced an outstanding piece of homework linked to our learning about the Shang Dynasty and Chinese New Year in SMSC.

She made a huge dragon and filled it with handwritten pieces of information. 

Then she coloured it all in by hand. It must have taken ages but I really appreciated her effort and it was brilliant!

This truly summarises what Holly is like: keen, interested in learning, patient and determined to do a great job!


Darren could have WOW many times over!


But I have been waiting for the right time and just before half term he scored 40/40 on a Y6 arithmetic paper.

He really does have amazing skills with number in maths.

He knows I don't expect him to do this all the time as we all make careless mistakes - but he will be determined to keep trying!


He also has written really well in our recent work on biogrpahies. He managed to achieve the correct balance of tone, sentence constructions and facts about the people he wrote about! Well done Darren!