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Week 2 photos

Jamie the gardener

Planting Dragon flower seeds
I wonder what they will look like when they grow?

Izak has been working hard

Easter numbers
Well done Izak!
A cute Easter bunny
The finished picture
I think you like maths Izak
Concentrating well
Working with his brother

Jamie's fantastic egg decorating

Lucy's keeping active

Practising reading
Stretchng muscles before dancing

Harrison's art work

An elephant and a Cheeky Chimp

Lily's week

Wonderful maths
A walk to Creswell and back
Tall and short work
Fantastic writing Lily
Yay 6 out of 6-well done Lily!
I love your tall and short towers
A tower that is taller than you!
Wow your book is filling up nicely!
Lily's Easter window is very pretty
Lily and her Easter window

Freddie's week

Off on a bike ride in the fresh air
Baking buns
They look delicious Freddie!

Hollie's reading

Still image for this video
Hollie is blending her sounds beautifully to read back her words and sentences.

Hollie's reading

Still image for this video

Lucy's art work

Brave mummy!
I love your rainbow Lucy!

Jamie's spellings

6 out of 6-well done!

Milo's art work

Milo made a snowman with clay

Milo working hard

Getting to work
Milo's family
Milo completed this puzzle all by himself!