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Following a successful election campaign we can now introduce you to your new School Council 2018!

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Keep an eye on the School Council progress board in the hall to see what our current projects are and where we are in their completion.


Remember if you have something to say about what goes on at school, tell your councillors!

They are your voice!

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The Have Your Say display boards are now up and running. If you missed our assembly on how to use them or where to find them please see one of your School Councillors and they will be more than happy to help. 


So far the response has been great with lots of ideas brought to our attention!


You Said...

Can we have some basketball nets on the KS2 playground?

We Did...

We invited Mrs Plaister at our last meeting where we discussed this. She agreed to order some net for the KS2 playground and we are just waiting for them to be installed.


The nets have arrived and have now been installed!

A big thank you to Mrs Plaister for making this happen!


You Said...

Can we have no homework?

We Did...

We are currently waiting to meet with Mrs Duncan about this but have talked about it in our meeting. We think this might be unrealistic as teachers have to give out homework by law. Lets wait and see!

Update: After a chat with Mrs Duncan and School Council again discussing this, we have decided that this is something that we cannot act on. School Council believe that homework is important and that it gets you ready for moving to secondary school where there will be even more! 


You Said...

Can we have more playground equipment for lunchtimes?

We Did...

We are going to arrange a meeting with Mrs Plaister to see if this is something that she can arrange for us. In the coming week will be asking you what sort of things you would like so we can make the most out of our meeting with Mrs Plaister.


You Said...

Can we bring our own pencil cases and stationary?

We Did...

Mr Stirling is going to take this to SLT where he will find out if this is something that we can arrange. School Council aren't holding out much hope as we know in the past this has caused people to become upset when things get lost or if they don't have their own pencil case to bring. We realise that we are lucky at our school as everything we need is provided for us.


You Said...

Can we have fruit for the KS2 children as well as KS1?

We Did...

School Council are looking into how this could work. We realise that this will cost rather a lot of money and are looking into ways that we could perhaps fund this.


Mrs Bradley

Mrs Bradley approached School Council to get some feedback on lunchtimes. We are going to have another meeting with her in a few weeks to give her some of our thoughts. If you have anything that you would like to be mentioned at the meeting please see your school council members or put a note into the Have Your Say Display.