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My First WOW nomination this week is for Amy. Amy has been working really hard at becoming more independent. She now listens to an instruction and then is able to carry out the task with only little support. She is trying incredibly hard to speak out more and over the last week has been much better at putting up her hand to answer questions and take part in discussions. Well done Amy!

My second nomination for WOW this week is Kayden. Kayden has changed so much since the start of this year. He now sees the importance of school and staying on task and is loving all of the praise he gets when he finishes a piece of work or shows off his amazing knowledge. Kayden is becoming more grown up and wants to do well in Year 2. Great work Kayden!


My first WOW nomination this week is for Jacob. Jacob has been on fire in class over the last few weeks. He is working really hard to improve his handwriting, understand tricky Maths concepts and really starting to get into the swing of Year 2. Jacob is starting to see that he can work more independently on tasks and hopefully will continue in this way for the rest of the year.

My second nomination for WOW this week is Lacey. Lacey is trying incredibly hard at the minute to move up reading levels, she has been waiting and waiting to do the STAR test this week and has managed to make a massive improvement! She is really excited that she will be able to move reading levels. Lacey is also starting to see that her hard work and determination pays off across the board and her work is getting better in all areas.

This week I have nominated Tia for WOW. Tia has shown lots of enthusiasm during our work on Black History Month and has been able to sympathise with those who have fought for equal rights throughout History. She has enjoyed listening to some influential black musicians and was able to say which style of music she enjoyed the most.

My second nomination this week is for Kali. Kali has shown huge improvements in Maths and it is mostly down to her believing in herself. She has realised that she doesn’t always need the support of and adult or a friend and actually can do most things by herself! She now works much more independently and is enjoying her successes.


I have nominated Poppy for WOW this week as she has been incredibly kind towards other children who have been struggling with the transition into Year 2 (even switching what she was having for lunch at the last minute!). She has had a great start to the year showing that she is hardworking and a fantastic partner when working with others. In addition to this she is running 26 miles to raise money for cancer research!

I have nominated Ava for WOW this week due to her amazing efforts in reading. She has taken her first STAR test and achieved the highest ZPD I have ever seen in a Year 2 class. As well as performing excellently in her STAR test she is also brilliant in guided reading, asking and answering questions that help her and the others in the group understand what they are reading.