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Welcome back - hope you had a fabulous sunny half-term. Please send me  your lovely photos to put on the website again!


So it's the last term for Y6 and Y5 you will no doubt be thinking about moving to Y6. Mr Moore and myself have chosen things in maths that we know you should be able to do as we want to make sure you are Y6/Y7 ready now. Please email us if you need extra support. The World War Two topic continues and the Science continues with lifecycles of animals and plants and knowing their types and habitats. The Knowledge Organisers are on the topic part of my class page.


Keep using the new blogging page on here. Under the red heading children click class blogs, then click on the left hand side to log-in. You can see all the school posts or just go to our class. You can set up your own avatar too. Please let me know if you have problems.


Keep testing on Accelerated Reader  - I only have 6 now who haven't done so. You have to copy the link below into your browser to allocate you to our school site. You can't google it.


Mrs Watts says that the Wildlife Trust have created a 30 days Wild challenge pack.

 It’s got an activity for children and families to complete every day in June

 It fits well with our science from last term and this. Here's the link:


For those of you who were enjoying French - try It's free and you work through a little activity in about 10 mins. I've had a go and I love it! Works on tablets and phones too! I'm really proud of my Spanish now!!


Mrs Plaister wants us all to keep on tracking our route to Tokyo. Please follow the link below to log in.

Also there is a competition to design a mascot for the Paralympics. Please have a go as it looks great! (see below)


You can go on Scratch/coding at any time.


Any problems, please email

I pick up email everyday and am back in school every day now!


Mrs Tomlinson


Mon 23/03/2020

I have set up a class account for Oxford Owls so you can download e-books.

On their homepage click class login




Tues 24/03/2020

David Walliams is reading a story at 11am everyday from his collection. Lots of you like listening to books!

Here is the link:



Great News - I've managed to unlock Accelerated Reader so you can test at home!


You need to use this web address and save it to your desktop as a shortcut as it will link you directly like from the computers at school:


You can test between 930am and 4pm Monday to Friday!


Hope this helps some of you who are reading a lot.

Mrs T