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Each week spellings will be set. These will normally be given out on a Monday ready for a test on the Friday. We now follow a spelling scheme and so children are bringing a book home to practise their spellings from a pattern using sentences and spelling pyramids. It is expected that they write at least one sentence for each word to practise in context.


We expect every child to read at least 10 pages at home, at least once a week and to have their reading diary signed by an adult. This is collected on a Monday morning. They can read every night and receive additional wellians as long as their diary is signed. Reading diaries stay in school from Monday to Friday so they are always available. The children will bring them home each weekend.


Maths homework will be given each week. This follows the same pattern as spellings. Given out on Monday and collected on Fridays. Sometimes this will be times tables and sometimes work from what we are covering in class at the time.



One Learning Log will be set for this term for Y5/Y6.